What conditions can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are the foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, a complete health system that dates back 3,000 years in effectively treating a number of health conditions. According to the World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health, acupuncture has proven to be effective in the treatment of many common problems such as:

Addiction Depression Incontinence Rhinitis
Allergies Diarrhea Infertility Sciatica
Anxiety Digestive trouble Low back pain Shoulder pain
Arthritis Dizziness Menopause Sinusitis
Asthma Dysentery Migraines Sleep disturbances
Carpal Tunnel Emotional problems Morning sickness Smoking cessation
Chronic Fatigue Eye problems Nausea Sore throat
Colitis Facial palsy/tics Osteoarthritis Stress
Common cold/Flu Fatigue Pain Tennis elbow
Constipation Fibromyalgia PMS Tonsillitis
Dental pain Headaches Pneumonia UTI